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The following terms of agreement shall be applied to the trade relations between Innoite Oy (producer of Finom lights) and its customers.

Innoite Oy reserves the right to change these terms of agreement through a unilateral decision without advance notification. The terms which are applied to orders are those terms of agreement valid at the time when the order is placed, and these can be found on Innoite Oy’s Finom lights web store at designvalaisin.net. Changes in legislation shall come into effect immediately unless the legislation specifies otherwise.

Innoite Oy is not responsible for damages arising from force majeure. Force majeure refers to an unexpected event or changes in conditions outside of Innoite Oy’s scope of influence and which Innoite Oy cannot reasonably overcome. Innoite Oy is obligated to inform the Customer as soon as possible after encountering the force majeure.


Innoite Oy sells products and services to private individuals over the age of 18 (hereinafter consumer) and to minors under the age of 18 with the permission of a parent or guardian. Products are also sold to corporations, public authorities and associations (hereinafter corporate customer), which procure goods for professional use.

Consumer trade adheres to consumer protection legislation valid in Finland and the European Union. These terms of agreement are not valid where they limit consumer rights from what is stated in peremptory legislation.

Trade between corporate customers and Innoite Oy adheres to the Finnish Sale of Goods Act (Suomen kauppalaki, 355/1987), unless otherwise specified in these terms of agreement.

When placing an order, the customer is obligated to hand over its contact information which, for consumer customers, contains at least a name, address and e-mail address and may include a telephone number. Information required from corporate customers includes the name, telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person, as well as the company’s business ID, postal address, and an invoicing address, if necessary.

Innoite Oy will provide a delivery time estimate if necessary and upon request. Innoite Oy and any suppliers it uses are not responsible for delays arising from unexpected changes from an external source outside the scope of influence.

Data protection:  A separate description (privacy protection) has been drawn up on the use of customer information and can be accessed at designvalaisin.net. The customer may prohibit the use and handling of its information for marketing purposes as well as check its personal data by contacting Innoite Oy. Contact must be made in writing.

Use of cookies The designvalaisin.net website uses cookies, which helps Innoite to develop the website in a user-friendlier direction. The user’s browser is likely set to accept the cookies by default, but the user can also disable the use of cookies in the browser settings or delete the cookies from the browser once it has used the service. More information on browser-specific instructions can be found in the developer’s instructions.


Prices are inclusive of VAT, but not delivery, unless otherwise specified.

Should a product’s price rise after an order has been placed, but before the processing of a delivery begins, the ordered product(s) from Innoite Oy will be delivered at the original price. If changes are made to the order, the price of the product will be determined according to the product price at the time of the change. Should prices fall, we will automatically deliver the product at the new, lower price.

No unilateral right of cancellation will be issued for products manufactured, ordered or changed at the customer’s request. When an order is cancelled, any possible costs arising from the order will be charged in full from the customer.


Methods of payment include PayPal Express and Checkout (credit cards and Finnish online banks) or upon separate agreement by Innoite Oy, an invoicing customer relationship.

Corporate customers may apply to become invoicing customers.


Delivery methods shall be agreed on separately between the customer and Innoite Oy. Delivery charges vary according to the delivery method and Innoite Oy will give the amount of delivery costs upon request.

If the order is Cash On Delivery, the COD will be charged without exception.

On average, the processing time for an order is a week from order confirmation. Delivery time is usually 5 business days. A ready order refers to an order wherein all products are in our warehouse and reserved for the order, and the method of payment has been approved.

The customer is obligated to inspect the delivery within 14 days of its arrival.


According to chapter 6 of the Consumer Protection Act, in distance selling, there is a right to return period of 30 days for unused products. The purpose of the act is to give consumers the right to familiarise themselves with the product as is possible for products sold in stores.

Limitations to the right to return in accordance with Chapter 6, section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act:

–       No right to return or right of cancellation will be issued for a product if the commodity in question was especially manufactured, ordered or changed at the customer’s request, if work has begun or if a purchase order for a product procured specifically for the customer is complete.

The customer shall pay for all return and repair costs for returns. The customer should contact Innoite Oy before sending returns/repair deliveries.

It is the sender’s responsibility to pack the return appropriately. The products should be carefully packed to avoid damaged during transit. At least 5cm of padding should be placed around the products.

Innoite Oy is not liable for damages caused to returns which are packed carelessly or in contrast with the terms of agreement. The customer will be charged for costs which arise due to a fault on part of the customer.

Innoite Oy reserves the right to charge the customer for costs if a product is returned without cause or in contrast with the terms of agreement. The customer will be charged for Innoite Oy’s processing and postage fees.

Innoite Oy will issue a limited right to return period of 14 days for normal products ordered by corporate customers. The returned product must be unused. The product can either be returned directly to a store repair point or as a customer return. The right to return does not apply to products in excess of EUR 1,000, with a value of more than EUR 2,000 or to products which were separately ordered/changed specifically for the customer in question.


Innoite Oy issues a warranty of twelve (12) months for its products. Innoite Oy reserves the right to verify defects reported in its products.  Innoite Oy is not responsible for damages caused by purchaser actions. The right to inspect the nature and quality of the fault in the product will remain with Innoite Oy even if the sale is cancelled.


The customer is obligated to provide proof of purchase, a receipt or other demonstration of the date and location of the purchase when making a return or when placing a customer complaint concerning a product defect.

Customer complaints will only be processed in writing. A free-form complaint can be sent by e-mail to the address info(at)finomlights.com.

Resolution of disputes and venue: A consumer customer has the right to send any disputes arising from this agreement to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution. The customer may take legal action against Innoite Oy concerning disputes arising from this obligation of debtor to creditor at the Helsinki District Court.


Products and services are always sold as they are. Innoite Oy is not liable for indirect or direct costs, nor for loss of profit arising from a product or service defect and/or use. Innoite Oy’s liability is always limited to the content of these terms of agreement. The liability for product defects is limited to the possible refund of the purchase price with product use deducted.

Innoite Oy is not obligated to fulfil the agreement if it encounters a force majeure which cannot be reasonably overcome. Innoite Oy is not liable to compensate the customer for damages or costs to the customer which arise from force majeure, and is entitled to cancel the agreement.

When placing an order and/or request for a quote, the customer accepts Innoite Oy’s terms of agreement. Any possible contractual terms concerning procurement which are in use by the customer will not be complied with if they conflict with Innoite Oy’s terms of agreement.

Privacy protection

Innoite Oy (producer of Finom lights) is responsible for the website and its maintenance. Innoite Oy is committed to taking care of its users’ privacy and ensuring that personal information is handled appropriately.

What information will Innoite Oy (Finom lights) collect from me?

Personal information

You can choose to give your personal details to Innoite Oy. Personal information can include details such as your name, postal and e-mail addresses and telephone number.


Our site uses cookies. We use cookies to collect and analyse the following information from users who visit the designvalaisin.net website:

  • Browser and operating system
  • Pages the user has visited
  • The IP address of the user’s computer

If you do not wish to allow cookies, you can change the settings in your browser. Please note that Innoite Oy will assume that you have allowed the use of cookies if you do not disable them.

How will Innoite Oy (Finom lights) use my information?

Innoite Oy will only use your personal information as follows:

  • To provide you with requested information and/or to answer any enquiries you might have.

Innoite Oy will save statistical information on website use in order to secure the technical implementation and use of the network. The information also provides Innoite Oy with an idea of users’ experiences with the website, allowing Innoite Oy to utilise this information in developing the website and its business activities.

When will Innoite Oy (Finom lights) contact me?

We will contact you:

  • To respond to a request for information or contact.

Direct marketing

We will only send direct marketing to a user if the user has given permission to do so, or has previously requested a product from us and the marketing is related to this earlier request. You may request that we stop directing marketing at any time.

How long will Innoite Oy (Finom lights) store my personal information and where will the information be used?

We will only store your information for as long as is necessary in order to respond to your request or to provide you with services you have agreed to receive. After this, we may contact you now and again if you have not prohibited us from doing so. No information will be stored for longer than necessary.

Innoite only stores and uses your information within the EEA.

Will Innoite Oy (Finom lights) hand my information over to anyone else?

We will handle your information confidentially and will not share it

  • unless necessary in order to deliver a product ordered by the user.
  • unless we are using a marketing agency to carry out a marketing campaign or to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign
  • Unless the law requires us to provide information, for example to the police or administrative authorities.

Links to third party websites

This privacy protection policy applies only to personal information collected by Innoite Oy and not to third party websites. Innoite Oy is not responsible for privacy protection practices in use by third party websites.

Personal information protection

We have undertaken all reasonable measures to keep users’ personal information protected and we require the same of third parties who may also handle such information. Access to the user’s personal information is prevented in order to prevent the misuse or unauthorised use of the information.

Changes to our privacy protection policy

From time to time we may make changes to this policy and as such, we recommend that you follow this page for any updates.

If you have questions about our privacy protection policy, please contact us:

Innoite Oy (Finom lights)
Tel. +358 (0)50 5588633